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All the information processed by our platform is totally anonymous. We are the man-in-the-middle between you and the receiver guaranteeing your details will never be disclosed to the receiver.

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We are an open platform. Now all the parties are involved with this new strategy: victim, witness or anyone else is able to engage and take action.

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Why is being anonymous so important?

The latest internet trends go towards unmasking who is behind the keyboard. Knowing your customer’s habits, age, race, income, etc. is powerful, especially for a marketing strategy.

Nowadays, remaining anonymous is vital to guarantee:

Freedom of speech. It is the only mean of expression for people marginal to the society they live in: either due to cultural exclusion or to remote location. Throughout history many geniuses have used pseudonyms to publish their revolutionary ideas as it was even dangerous to go openly ahead with it. The same still happens today.

Knowledge share. Most surveys don’t collect information about the individual taking part of it; the importance relies only on the views on the topic in question. There is no external influence to be able to discard that information for stereotypes. The anonymity here works as a protection to the message. The message is the key and will be heard out without letting our personal ideas or experiences discard it.

Pure honesty. An anonymous message allows the sender and the receiver to answers as true to themselves as possible. There will no taboo topics or the embarrassment of asking for private advice to a relative.

Internet has become the largest data collector of our time and knows us sometimes more than what we would like to admit. Let’s keep focusing on the message and cut the external noise.

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